The Meaning of this Election

The Meaning of this Election

Since the 2008 elections, three respected democratic leaders including President Barack Hussein Obama, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senior United States Senator Harry Mason Reid, with all respect, wanted to lead the nation in a completely different direction from the one for which they were elected.  I am sure that they had good intentions, which however lacked any correlation with the will of the people, with the American culture and with the feasibility in the current economic situation.  President Barack Obama, who has extensive knowledge of law as he himself has been a professor of law, didn’t have any prior experience in economics or simple business administration, as he hadn’t managed a single small business in his life.

Since the beginning of the launching of the healthcare bill it was clear that the majority of the people objected to it and complained continuously.  How could the democrats and the president not feel the people’s and the opposition’s discontent? However, they pushed the bill further with disregard and by turning a deaf ear to the alarmed voice of the people. Where are the promises of transparency and of openness? Furthermore they applied all kind of pressure, such as goodies and other means in order to obtain the majority in the senate. The example of Senator Sestak is flagrant. This procedure alone infuriated and antagonized not only the opposition but even their liberal partners.

Everyone expected that the president would take into consideration the will of the people as he promised.  Is this the kind of democracy we want to teach the Iraqis, the Afghans and other countries that do not have a democratic government? President Clinton had understood that it was necessary to listen to the people and had included more conservative ideas during his second term.

I do not understand how the democrats have not seen it coming – a defeat of such magnitude as it had never before occurred in the United State of America. It was the natural reaction, given the high numbers of unemployed people, never before seen since the big depression, not counting the number of families losing their homes. All these mishaps have created a mass of unhappy people.

The President blamed this defeat on bad communication. Just by saying so he confirmed that despite this huge defeat he still didn’t grasp the message the people sent to him and to the democrats. It is clear to all that the defeat is about the substance of his policy which is destroying our economy and the American way of life that we enjoyed for so long. The democrats should have known, as these new bills they shoved down the people’s throats, such the healthcare, the stimulus, cap and trade, the regulations, the tax increases, the trillions in spending without any financial collateral were bound to upset everyone.

If an entrepreneur used the same method he would be bankrupt and he would pay for his miscalculation with losses and suffering for many years. However, politicians who cause even more damage are immune. Mr Obama promised to heal the nation. In his campaign he said “no more blue states no more red states, we are all Americans” but instead, he divided this great nation.

Addressing the Hispanic voters, President Obama said, as Mr. Charles Krauthammer puts it elegantly in his article on Thursday, October 28, 2010; 9:45: President Obama chided Latinos who “sit out the election instead of saying,  ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.’ “
I wonder if by saying “our enemies” he meant the Iranians, Al-Qaida, or the Taliban’s, that in fact are, the real enemies of the United States and not our fellow Americans who disagree whit his social-democratic agenda.

Let the people breathe air; let them decide for their future. Not a single entrepreneur would like to invest or create jobs if he doesn’t have any certainty for the future. In order to create jobs, one should analyze and plan in advance. When President Obama blamed the defeat of losing over sixty seats in congress and 680 seats in the states and so many governors on bad communication,  he is in fact doing a disservice to himself and to the country, and he is losing credibility in the states and in the world.

With so many problems at home, Mr. President, and with all due respect for the office you occupy, I am asking myself how you can now mix yourself in greater world affairs before solving our national issues first.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana

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