I Don’t Believe Revolution Is a Solution

I Don’t Believe Revolution Is a Solution

Our President succeeded in influencing the majority of the American population, since he was elected. Some say they believe that the media and certain elite groups were the backbone of Obama’s presidency. They fought vehemently for him during the election and onward. It is to be recognized that all of Obama’s nice speeches and promises were indeed intended to create enthusiasm and fill the peoples’ minds with dreams that the audience could identify itself with. Who does not love living in peace and sharing the wealth of our a great prosperity and having social justice for all?  

Since my youth I heard such beautiful language, which let me dream, until the first German bomb awakened our peaceful town. Who did not dream about peace in his youth?  About brotherhood, about lovely songs we learned in our French school, like this song, “Si tous les gars du monde se donnaient un jour la main et marcheront la main dans la main, le soleil brillera pour demain “ (If all the guys of the world would one day join hands  and walk hand in hand, the sun would shine for tomorrow). These are beautiful words, similar to those that our President uses. But unfortunately we saw in our time, I mean over seventy years ago, instead of peace – Nazism, Communism and WWII. Those who have lived in that era will understand what I am saying. That’s why I believe that in order to reach those beautiful times of which I am writing, we should be careful not to advise other people to make a revolution. If they want a change from one regime to another, they should advance the idea very slowly. In my view, we have to let every country and every people blossom on their own, according to their stage of development, their pace, their way of life, and without any coercion, just like a toddler who is learning to walk by himself.

We should not forget that all human beings are created equal but also that each one is unique and each nation is unique and each nation has its own age, its own customs and its own cycle. In our judgment, we should take into consideration those facts. As Oriental wisdom says, “The one who is not able to honor the stranger and the man of another tribe is not worthy of being called the son of a noble nation.”

Many politicians think that they can perform miracles without having at least a comfortable majority of people with them.  I didn’t vote for Obama but when he succeeded I believed that he would be the president of all Americans. I wished that he would succeed in his tasks for two reasons,
1.  I wanted that our nation would succeed too.
2.  I wanted that Obama would succeed as he is a member of a minority, just as we are all part of minorities.

Obama is using his intelligence and school knowledge, but in a different direction, which we all have not expected. In fact Obama is the one who had caused the creation of the Tea Party movement, as he was not listening to the people.

The November election had proved it, despite the fact that he is a nice person, a persuasive man, and he is mastering the language with great talent and intonation. I recognize that he expresses himself with magnificent words. He reminds me of a few leaders in history who succeeded to change the world and awaken many forces, innate in the human being. Some performed marvels and others have created disaster, even if in their mind they wanted to change the world for the better. I should not forget that Obama succeeded to divide not only the American people, but also the Jewish people and their families.

If we continue mixing ourselves in any revolution, we identify ourselves with one side or with the other and would create at the same time friends and enemies. But in my view, we should help both sides with humanitarian aid, as we don’t know what is best for everyone. I still believe that these revolutions were not spontaneous, but even if they were, no one has a guarantee that they will succeed.  Only time will tell.  

Furthermore they cause the death of many people and suffering for the wounded and the displaced, without mentioning the material destructions. Just by seeing the thousands of refugees from many poor African countries, who lost their jobs, heading towards Tunisia, one has to wonder what will become of them. They were peacefully working in Libya and had their livelihood there. Who is responsible for that? It took thirty years with Mubarak, with Khadafi and with all those leaders to maintain a peaceful Middle East, despite some incidents, and the entire world was enjoying a steady oil supply. Now everything is in question.

The case of Tunisia is very unique as the population has been educated and prepared for many years to act in a peaceful and intelligent way. The strong tourism influx has also contributed to a constant exchange of ideas and culture. I believe that the Tunisians are able to solve their problems on their own by creating a balanced, non extremist government, maybe even creating a secular country.

Copyright 2011 Emile Tubiana

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