President Obama – About Your Budget Speech at the Facebook Forum

President Obama – About Your Budget Speech at the Facebook Forum

I listened to you carefully, to hear what you had to say in reference to reducing the astronomical budget deficit. Instead, you were attacking the Republicans. Further you were saying something to the effect that you are dreaming of a society where everyone is equal and fair, and where the rich should pay their duty to the less fortunate people.
Mr. President, I could have been your father age wise, born and having grown up in Africa until the age of fourteen.

Allow me to tell you that I survived under the German bombs of WWII, and much more than you can imagine and I learned many things in life. Having said that, what you said about the fair and just society that you dream about it, and that the rich should pay for the poor because the country gave them the opportunity to become rich, please think about this:

“I’d rather be poor among the rich, than being poor among the poor.”

Mr. President, you would not have the White House and you would not own a house worth two million dollars and show an income equal to this amount if you were living only among poor people. Americans are of a generous nature but they do not like to be asked or forced to give.  I experienced this during WWII with the American soldiers

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