Barbara Walter Is Flattering Obama while Diminishing Bush and Clinton

For many years I admired you when you were with the famous Ted Koppel.
All the credit you received at that time had diminished day by day until the time you politicized the entire military episode about Obama giving the order to kill. As reported also by the Media Research Center, “On Wednesday’s The View, ABC’s Barbara Walters slobbered over the ‘courage, and the guts, and the coolness’ of President Obama in ordering the assassination of terrorist Osama bin Laden. ‘It was enormously, enormously courageous,’ she said of the president’s decision to commence the mission to kill or capture the al Qaeda leader.
‘President Bush tried, President Clinton tried, but Barack Obama was the one who had the courage and the guts and the coolness,’ Walters said of the mission before being drowned out in applause from the audience.”
I thought you are in love of our president. As you serve the public, you should bring the facts and not your admiration. Particularly knowing that Obama didn’t succeed to help either the economy or the gas prices, just before the summer, or most importantly, to reduce the unemployment, which went through the roof. Obama went to get credit when he visit the largest barrack of the US army in the United States. You know why? Because the army is the only community that does not feel the heat of Obama’s policy and that has to be neutral and greet him as their commander in chief. He is counting on the army to help him get another term in the next election.
Giving compliments to our president is OK, but not when you try to diminish the other presidents as you said, “President Bush tried, President Clinton tried, but Barack Obama was the one who had the courage and the guts and the coolness.”
Ms Walters, do your job as you used to do it with Ted Koppel and leave the politics outside your job.
The real heroes of this action are the seals and their commanders like the hero of the Entebbe Raid Rescue Mission where the brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu lead 29 commandos who succeeded to bring back the passengers of Air France but he lost his life in that mission.

Copyright 2011 Emile Tubiana

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