Is This the Democracy We Intended for the Arab Countries?

Is This the Democracy We Intended for the Arab Countries?

In March of this year I published an article called “Democracy”. Today I feel compelled to post again an article on similar thoughts. After so many months have passed, it seems that President Obama wanted to teach these countries democracy, while here in the United States we are not sure if we have the right kind of democracy.

After almost bankrupting our country I wonder what Obama wanted to propagate in the Arab World. Is it our kind of democracy?  Has Obama been elected to impose this kind of democracy, which further impoverished the Arab countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and who knows what other country? My President, you are not an example for the Arabs, the Europeans or the Americans. By saying, “not only the secular should vote” in fact, you opened the door for theocracy. Is this is the “change” you meant?  Allowing the Congress and the Senate to have closed door sessions – is this the transparency you promised during the elections and later on?

Now that we see the results of your way, please do not encourage people to go the same failing way, which is neither sure nor secure. We can all learn from General Petraeus, as he understood the Arab way of life and the way democracy works in the Middle East, which is different from ours, and he used his insight wisely. Even Alexander the Great of Macedonia understood that it was in his best interest not to change the local regime of the places he conquered.  By wanting to bring so-called “help” to the Arab countries we are in fact destabilizing the Arab World. Is this the kind of change our people had voted for when they elected you?

It took time and experience to create and to apply the art of democracy. The cost of democracy is different in every country. We just have to look at the countries which succeeded in implementing democracy, by counting the time it took them to evolve. We can notice that every revolution killed innocent people and left many wounded and created years of animosity without counting the economical damage. Can we pretend to be the best democracy in the world? Some say yes and some say no. Sometimes I wonder whether President Obama has been elected to lead the world or to impose on the American people the European democracy, which as we can see, has one country after the other falling apart in financial crisis.

Obama praised the Occupy Wall Street movement which is now disintegrating without any specific goal, unlike the Tea Party who had clear and positive demands.

Now we want to teach the Arab countries our democracy and we are conducting ourselves as if we were the elected masters of the world, by interfering with other people’s systems. We go even further by wanting to dictate to others how to proceed and how to manufacture revolutions and to chase their leaders from their countries, even those who have maintained stability and were considered to be friends of the United States for years. All this with the pretext of helping them create a democracy – without even having any valid candidate on hand, who would have the knowledge of the ways of democracy and the ability to create the appropriate institutions.  See for yourself what happened with the “Tunisian Spring”. The religious party has now the upper hand. The Egyptian so-called “revolt” is now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Libyan so-called “uprising” came under Shaaria law.

I am born in Tunisia and remember well that Tunisia was never a fanatic Muslim country. It has become Muslim after the Arab conquest in the seventh century. In fact the population is of Bedouin origin, with a lot of talent and faith. As per Fereydoun Hoveyda’s book “What Do the Arabs Want” it is mentioned In reference to Tunisia that there are only five percent of real Arabs. Now suddenly, the majority became Muslim as represented at the elections by the religious party Ennahda. Wouldn’t it have forced the voters? Is this the separation of state and religion?                                                                   
Let other nations develop their own capacity according to their way of life in their own countries. Isn’t this the real freedom that we are preaching?

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