Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Westerners wish all should like the dollar.
They, the greatest, everyone else be smaller
Others should be like them, but not taller
Just follow in their footsteps like a scholar

Love must be our first objective, to strive
Love is what keeps everyone well and alive
Peace should be our priority and our verity
Peace should be the main fortune and equity

God blessed us with goods in quantity
No one should starve in peace and reality
Believing, to survive we need enemy, is vanity
With love we should build trust and humanity

As we were created without our input
We want to feel again the bad and good
Humans do not know why they are here
Like animals, we eat, we laugh, and fear

No one asks the simple question “Why?”
Why do we cry when seeing someone die?
We are happy to be alive, just like that
Are we superior, or humans, or what?

We introduce democracy and culture
As will disappear in the near future
Let’s say it now, loud and very clear
We wasted precious time, my dear.

Copyrght avril 3,2012 Emile Tubiana

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