Our Intellect

Is it intellect, memory or feelings
That distinguish human beings?
It’s the different opinions, some say,
Different languages come into play

In fact human beings are all related,
Some are more, some are less cultivated
But all we learn and acquire externally
Cannot replace our feelings internally

The intellect is a good tool,
But it should not make of us a fool
It is adapted to life on earth
And should be taken at its worth

If we let our intellect wander
The risk is, it will get us under
And make us lose our feeling
The link to the source of healing

We should control our intellect
And learn what we should select
Action, love and joy is our goal
To slowly awaken our sleepy soul

Our faith’s and our life’s source
Is a powerful, eternal resource
That within ourselves we can find
If the outer world didn’t make us blind

Into our inner self we must be diving deep
The connection with ourselves to keep
To find the ocean of love and joy
And let it its help within us deploy.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana

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