Just to Get it off My Chest – Wake Up America!

Just to Get it off My Chest – Wake Up America!
By Emile M Tubiana

Today, in the countries of the Arab Spring? In Tunisia, in Egypt and in Libya the people are far worse off than they were before.

Just to Get it off My Chest – Wake Up America!

I know that my fellow Americans have enthusiastically voted for Obama three and a half year ago. I hope that the intelligent ones among them have realized by now the meaning of their choice and their vote. I knew from the beginning that Obama’s intentions were different from any American president’s before him. I also knew that his dreams would transform America as we can see it now and even more, in order to share its wealth with the entire world, at any cost, and without any consideration for the unemployed, the rising cost of living, the out-of-control cost of fuel and of healthcare.

However, at the age of 80, having children and grandchildren, and having lived through WWII, having experience Nazism, communism, and socialism, I know that sooner or later, the American people will not tolerate Obama’s “change”. Everyone who was an immigrant or is immigrating now was dreaming of the opposite.

This is why I am calling on all Americans today to please not succumb again to his nice but empty words. If Obama would like to fulfill his dream, he should do this in his own house, as his dream is not the dream of everyone. I feel it is arrogance to impose his dream on us. Everyone has his own dream, but not everyone’s is the same as his. Now that I see the suffering of millions of unemployed people and the staggering number of food stamp recipients, I know that the healthcare he is imposing on everyone will not be sustainable. Obama, with all due respect, spoke about “change” but never cared to tell the people what kind of change he meant. The change that he dreamt about takes hundreds of years to accomplish, without upsetting the people.

Today’s media is trying to take advantage of Obama, for their own purpose, by saying that he should be given four more years – in the meantime their profits would go up.

Mr. President, I know your dream, but you cannot share it with the American people and also impose it on foreign countries. This is not fair. I mean – “the Arab Spring”. I myself was born in Africa and I would love to see the entire African continent being developed. It took Europe centuries and numerous wars to reach the level where it is today. This is why I am not happy that you encouraged Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria to change regime, while the people were not ready. Changing a dictatorship for a theocracy is no progress. You did it without telling anybody about your intentions. Do you realize what responsibility you took upon yourself and upon the United States?

I know these countries. Under Ben Ali, Mubarak, Khadafy the people were living peacefully, and those who were able emerged. They had a home, order, and stability. Do you know the situation in these countries now? As to Syria, we have done nothing to show the way to Bashir Assad and to his father, without wars. Even as we stand now, we do not know who would replace Assad – the Al Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood? As for its neighbor, Israel, I am sure that they will eventually find a modus vivendi. In my view it is not necessary to send in our forces to safeguard the chemical weapon stockpiles, as long as Assad remains in power..

As to Iran, remember how it was with the Soviet Union. All that was needed was a strong and determined hand. But you did not do it. If you would have affirmed your position unequivocally, they would have yielded. Think of Alexander the Great. The Persians eventually gave up and even sang praise songs for him. Please allow me to give you an Iranian saying, “A determined man is worth 1000 undecided.” Leave things as they are in the US, for the few months that are left. Try to fix however what you have destroyed in these Arab countries. Don’t leave your job unfinished.

Do you know how the situation is today, in the countries of the Arab Spring? In Tunisia, in Egypt and in Libya the people are far worse off than they were before.

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