What We Expect from Life

If I ask what he expects, he doesn’t know
Then we should expect to thrive and grow
We should take life as it comes and not ask
What we receive is given to us as a task

What others receive is not meant for you
Try to give every day the best you can do
Enjoy everything that comes your way
For those you love, care and pray

Life is beautiful and no one knows why
Life will show you its depth by and by
Don’t expect to know everything
As everything will come as sure as spring

We’re all connected with our soul
Like it or not, this is our goal
The feeling which comes from our heart
Teaches us how to live our life as an art

If we understand the music of our heart
No human being will stay apart
The real language is not what is taught
It guides us within when truth is sought

Copyright 2013 Emile Tubiana

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