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What We Expect from Life

If I ask what he expects, he doesn’t know
Then we should expect to thrive and grow
We should take life as it comes and not ask
What we receive is given to us as a task

What others receive is not meant for you
Try to give every day the best you can do
Enjoy everything that comes your way
For those you love, care and pray

Life is beautiful and no one knows why
Life will show you its depth by and by
Don’t expect to know everything
As everything will come as sure as spring

We’re all connected with our soul
Like it or not, this is our goal
The feeling which comes from our heart
Teaches us how to live our life as an art

If we understand the music of our heart
No human being will stay apart
The real language is not what is taught
It guides us within when truth is sought

Copyright 2013 Emile Tubiana

Our Intellect

Is it intellect, memory or feelings
That distinguish human beings?
It’s the different opinions, some say,
Different languages come into play

In fact human beings are all related,
Some are more, some are less cultivated
But all we learn and acquire externally
Cannot replace our feelings internally

The intellect is a good tool,
But it should not make of us a fool
It is adapted to life on earth
And should be taken at its worth

If we let our intellect wander
The risk is, it will get us under
And make us lose our feeling
The link to the source of healing

We should control our intellect
And learn what we should select
Action, love and joy is our goal
To slowly awaken our sleepy soul

Our faith’s and our life’s source
Is a powerful, eternal resource
That within ourselves we can find
If the outer world didn’t make us blind

Into our inner self we must be diving deep
The connection with ourselves to keep
To find the ocean of love and joy
And let it its help within us deploy.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Westerners wish all should like the dollar.
They, the greatest, everyone else be smaller
Others should be like them, but not taller
Just follow in their footsteps like a scholar

Love must be our first objective, to strive
Love is what keeps everyone well and alive
Peace should be our priority and our verity
Peace should be the main fortune and equity

God blessed us with goods in quantity
No one should starve in peace and reality
Believing, to survive we need enemy, is vanity
With love we should build trust and humanity

As we were created without our input
We want to feel again the bad and good
Humans do not know why they are here
Like animals, we eat, we laugh, and fear

No one asks the simple question “Why?”
Why do we cry when seeing someone die?
We are happy to be alive, just like that
Are we superior, or humans, or what?

We introduce democracy and culture
As will disappear in the near future
Let’s say it now, loud and very clear
We wasted precious time, my dear.

Copyrght avril 3,2012 Emile Tubiana

Les bonnes leçons de mes parents

Les bonnes leçons de mes parents

Que la vie est belle quand on la prend telle qu’elle est
Lui sourire du matin au soir sans plaintes ni regrets
Respirer le silence de la vallée, et le parfum des jacinthes
Passer les obstacles et les ténèbres sans peur ni crainte

Voici les leçons de la vie que j’avais appris de mes parents
Sans être maîtres des sciences, des arts ou de la chanson
J’ai vu les exemples de mon père et ma mère sans le savoir
J’appris que notre vie est pleine de joie et de pouvoir

Un coeur propre et déterminé en vaut cent indécis
Sa volonté l’approche des miracles et des Messies
Car le coeur pur peut brûler dans la flamme de l’amour
Que ce soit dans la nuit dans le brouillard ou le jour

L’aide arrive sans demande, quand on a le plus besoin
Elle jaillit du tréfonds de nous-mêmes et de très loin
Comme les herbes que l’on cultive et les herbes sauvages
Qui verdissent les plaines comme dans un livre d’images

Pour apprendre l’histoire, ou apprendre à voler
Il faut mettre du coeur et se donner en entier
Avancer dans la vie avec un élan et une foi,
Muni d’une pure volonté, de gaieté et de joie

Copyright 2007 Emile Tubiana

Christmas Time Is Beautiful

My feeling about festive lights

Christmas Time Is Beautiful

Seeing the houses dressed in light

Touches my heart with all the might

Because of the joy it creates

As everyone celebrates

It also reminds me of Jesus’deed

Which showed us the light we need

Likewise any festive event

Which makes people content

Creating light and joy on earth

Has its own special worth.

Not only because of what Jesus did

But especially because of who he is

And for the power of his presence

And for the light and love, his essence

For the prayer he taught us

For the peace he brought us

Blessed are those who feel his grace

Every day, in every place

Emile Tubiana

Tunisian Election

Tunisian Election

Obama was in Cairo to seek a new beginning
But nobody knows his real feeling
He wanted to please his fellow democrats
Disregarding warnings from diplomats

Recently Tunisia hat its Election Day
Its results take all women’s rights away
President Obama doesn’t seem to mind
Is this Islamic advancement of some kind?

He wanted to teach the Arabs Democracy
They wound up with a new Theocracy
The same with Egypt, Libya, and now Tunisia
Should we all look the other way in amnesia?

After Bourguiba has liberated the women
Ennahda will unleash the religious men
To deny these rights – the wheel is spinning -
Obama was in Cairo to seek a new beginning

Copyright 2011 Emile Tubiana

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration
Giving thanks is part of our foundation
Let’s forget the bitterness and the bad
We should be happy and not sad.

Political arguments are irrelevant
As we approach with a gracious hand.
For the needy and the unemployed
Our generous gifts should be deployed.

We pray that light may outshine the gray
And that God send His Help on their way.
While we celebrate friendship and love
Help will reach everyone from above

Emile Tubiana



A Fresh Look at Love

We speak about love with persistence
It is the power of life and our existence
Some value science higher than love
Although there is nothing higher above

Love exists in wonder and simplicity
It works marvels and brings felicity
The invisible source with its constant stream
Is accessible to those who seek its beam

It nourishes all creatures on this planet and beyond
And prepares the path for those ready to respond
Mathematician, astronomer or musician
Love in the heart will change their condition

Love needs no theory, no words or explanation
It guides us quietly and naturally to our salvation
Your heart, your chest will feel the warmth of grace
Without any sound or expression of the face

Let’s keep our smile of goodness and care
Without disguise or mask, the stream to share
Greet and bless all that comes your way
Open your heart for the blessing to stay.

Copyright 2011 Emile Tubiana

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Are we aware or conscious of our life
The present the past and the future?
Does anyone know why we are here?
Did we come to work or to shed a tear?

What mission do we have to fulfill?
Are we here to learn a new skill?
Do we know all that’s visible,
The surroundings and the invisible?

The atmosphere is full of various life,
With many theories the world is rife
We are immersed in our mind and feeling
Many don’t know where to find healing

Certain feelings can make us suffer,
Others make us strong and tougher
There are feelings making us gracious
Others make us miserable or generous

Feelings can entirely change our belief
Others bring us unexpected relief
Take us from one to the another extreme
Make us plunge into the world of dream

There are millions of different feelings
Some make us sick, other bring us healing
Feelings create different states in our soul
And influence the love we can bring to all

Are we conscious of our feelings’ beauty
Which reminds us about our sacred duty,
Surpasses our best dream and imagination
And strengthens our feelings as a Nation?

We cannot let our feelings run wild
But rather find the naiveté of a child
We have to unite them in ourselves
As deep into oneself a person delves

The feelings we have are a precious gift
That can make us happy, give us a lift
I love my life and the feeling it brings,
The sense and the meaning of life it sings.

Copyright 2011 Emile Tubiana

The Present

The Present

I appreciate my childhood’s moments and all they meant
But not those which deprive me of a present well spent
For me they are holy, they make me happy, my joy is rife
Life is only in the present, the present is born from life
Let everyone make their choice, so they may forget
Bygone times, disappointment, worry and upset
Today will eventually become tomorrow’s story
If we live it well, it will be full of glory
While searching the past we may find life’s scope:
To reach our light which strengthens our hope.

Copyright 2009 Emile Tubiana